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Make your media coverage go the extra mile: 7 simple hacks you need to know

If you’ve spent your time or money on landing some marvellous media coverage, then I'm sure you'll be feeling pretty pleased with yourself right now.

There’s no better feeling than seeing your business name in lights. Especially after all your hours of hard work and sacrifice. This is your moment. Finally, you have the recognition you deserve. And for the whole world to witness.

But if you’re now thinking: My work here is done...

My friend, keep that champagne on ice as you are missing out on the magic that will help your business thrive.

So I’m sure you’re aware that for media coverage to be effective, people have to see it. (And by effective, I mean transforming ‘casual followers to raving fans.’)

With everything going on in the world, there’s a chance that not all your ideal customers will see it. (Even if it is the Editor’s Top Pick on the first page of Red Magazine.)

So here are 7 super simple hacks to help you milk your media coverage, and spread the word about how brilliant you are…

1. Your ‘As Seen In...’ logos:

We’re starting with the most obvious hack, and definitely one of the most powerful. If you want people to take notice of your brand, featuring ‘As Seen In’ logos on your homepage is a superb way to do this.

This is because it builds the 'know, like, and trust' factor with your customers – setting them on the path to being loyal fans of your brand. So polish that media logo with pride and wear it as a badge of honour – you’ve earned it.

2. Blog about it:

Referring to your podcast interviews and media features in your blog is a great way to share your ‘As Seen In’ victories. If it’s online coverage, you can also use direct links to the coverage so your customers can see (or hear) it in all its glory.

3. Noteworthy newsletters:

Highlighting your media features in your newsletters is a great way to show your clients (and potential clients) where your brand has been papped by the press or featured on a podcast. Again, include logos and links to the copy so they can see it for themselves in all its glory.

4. Award entries, crowdfunding or funding bids

Strengthen your case for that converted business award or funding bid by showing off your media endorsements. For many, appearing in the media is like a stamp of approval that shows people you must be good if it's appeared there!

5. Visible on video

There's no doubt that video has exploded on the social media scene. Accordin

g to Animoto, 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media. So with that in mind, it's worth sharing your success by talking about them via your youtube channel or by ‘going live’ on one of your social media platforms.

Share how the coverage made you feel, what benefits you have seen already, and how you did it. It's also nice to say 'thank you' to the media outlet or journalist who covered you - tagging the media outlet or journalist in the post as they may share it.

6. Share your success with staff

Boost morale by sharing your media success internally…and save them a glass or two of the good stuff as you toast to your media triumph together.

7. Shout about it on your socials

The possibilities here are endless. But you do need to air on the side of caution as you should have a license from the

if you’re going to share screengrabs of the coverage. One way to get around this though is to make your own image in Canva and include links to the piece in the post. I like to put my favourite bits of coverage on my Instagram stories and then pin them as a highlight. You can also make a post about your coverage on Linkedin and highlight it as a featured post.

I hope you found this useful. If you are a product-based business who is looking for help with PR and would love to land some coverage in your media wish list, please visit Or for those wanting to do their PR themselves, download a copy of my 5 step PR plan here and get the ball rolling today.

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