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Making the Ultimate Comeback: Your Plan to Rise & Thrive

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

It’s a strange old time isn’t it... Some business owners are finding themselves with too much time on their hands, whilst others are busier than ever.

Let's be honest...we all want to be in that latter camp but if you're a business owner who's pretty quiet right now, fear not: here are seven steps to get you on the right path for the ultimate comeback...

1. All good things start with a plan – We’re usually so consumed with the 'doing' that we rarely have the time to take a step back and think about:

- what we are doing

- why we are doing it

- if it’s working

- and how it could be improved.

Take advantage of this extra time to access your systems, processes, and servic

es - are they working? Is there a quicker way to do things? Can you automate anything? Are you charging enough for your services/products? I know it's not the sexiest task, but saving you time will save you money, and charging your worth is a simple way to boost your business.

2. Be crystal clear on what you're offering - Being super clear on how your service or product helps people should be an essential part of your plan and communications. Focus on how you can help people survive and thrive, whilst keeping your messaging simple. Consider packaging your offers to meet people's needs - take a look at my Wing Woman Plan on for inspiration.

3. Put your CEO hat on – Have you ever worked out how much YOUR time is worth an hour? Just because you are doing something yourself, it doesn’t make it free. Your time = money. And if you’re not using your time to find new business or develop your services and products then how are you supposed to grow? Chances are an experienced VA to help

with tasks and charging is charging less than what your time is worth per hour.

4. Diversify your revenue streams – One thing this crisis has taught us is that putting our eggs in one basket isn’t an option anymore. We’ve seen some great examples of how businesses have adapted to the new norm to ensure their survival by either taking themselves online, offering a delivery service, or switching it up but offering new services. Consider the ways you can help people, perhaps by producing an online course or e-book. Not got the time to design it? If you write the course or e-book, a Creative VA can easily pull it all together for you and make it look professional using a design package like Canva.

5. Tap into a new audience – Consider ways you can tap into a new audience by researching existing podcasts, webinars, or blogs which share your audience. Off

er to feature as an expert on them, or (if you're really brave) why not start your own!?

6. Build your email list – Having an email list is a great way to share your latest news, products, and offers, with potential and current customers who want to hear what you have to say. It's also one of the few ways you can guarantee you reach your ideal clients directly - unlike social media which is decided by the algorithm. To start your email list, consider creating a freebie on your website which allows people to download a PDF of something they want in exchange for their email list - for example a cheat sheet, how-to guide, voucher...etc.

For further information about my PR services visit or get in touch for a free discovery call to see how we can best support you and boost your business.

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