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In this together: How to survive the Covid-19 storm

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Over the last 12 months, I've done a lot of work on mindset. I don't profess to be an expert but having struggled with my own self-esteem, one thing is for certain: the power of positive thinking is essential - particularly for times like this.

Now more than ever, looking after your mind is so important - especially if you have children around who pick up on everything. Positivity really isn’t mumbo jumbo: it's an essential survival tool with proven health benefits both mentally and physically.

I'm not going to lie...there's been a few profanities, tears and moments of self doubt since the news of Covid-19 really sunk in. After recently launching my business (Hawthorn House VA - specialising in virtual assistant services for the PR sector), I was fully booked.

But instead of dwelling on what's out of my control, I'm focusing on what I can do to help my family and business, and what makes me feel good.

So here's my top tips for retraining the brain to encourage positive thinking to help you get through the Covid-19 storm...

Start the day with a plan

How you start the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Have a loose structure or few activities of what you’re going do. Set up things to do for the kids, but don’t forget to have something for you too. Catch up on that podcast or send a few emails whilst the kids are painting their 50th rainbow to put in the window – yes this has been me this week…It also feels great to tick a few things off your list.

Nip negativity in the bud

Negative self-talk and thinking can creep up easily and is often hard to notice. You might think: I can’t do this. But what started out as a passing thought of self-doubt, ends up becoming part of what you believe about yourself. Don’t let it. When you catch yourself doing this, stop and replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. For example, I can’t do this becomes I’ll do x,y,z next time.

Grateful AF

You’re going to encounter obstacles throughout the day. When you’re faced with a challenge and it doesn’t go to plan, focus on the good things - no matter how small. For example, if your client work has been paused, think about how you can use this time to do things you didn’t have time to do - things that will drive your business forward. Like tweaking your website copy to attract new clients, creating some new great content for your social media, starting that blog to boost your SEO, learning a new skill… If you need any help with your content creation on social media, blogs and website copy we’d be happy to help. I’ve also got some blogs on how to improve your social media which you can check out.

Laughter is the best medicine

Surround yourself with positive people and it will rub off on you. I know physically, that's not possible at this time so follow social media accounts and hashtags that make you feel good, have a facetime sessions with your friends and family... and laugh! Their positive words and laughter will sink in and affect your own line of thinking. Do what you can to improve the positivity of others, and let their positivity affect you the same way.

Don’t beat yourself up

These are unprecedented times. Be realistic -you’re going to make mistakes and experience failure. Instead of focusing on how you failed, just think about what you’re going to do differently next time.

And just remember, you’re doing your absolute best in these testing times and that’s good enough. If you need any help with boosting your social media accounts, creating fresh copy for your website or starting / supporting you with that blog to boost your SEO, get in touch.

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