Shining the media spotlight on small-medium businesses

Taking you from 'best kept secret' of the few to 'in demand' by the many 

You could have the best product or service in the world BUT...

If the right people don't know you or your brand exist,

how do you expect to grow?

If you want to:

  • Grow your business & be known as the 'go-to' in your industry

  • Reach new audiences eager to buy what you offer

  • Feature in the media, blogs & podcasts to build awareness of your brand

  • Boost your SEO & make it simple for your customers to find you

... then PR is 100 % worth exploring... 

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“Hannah is great! She works hard, is driven, tenacious, clever and works with a smile on her face all the time. She is very professional & led on a number of PR campaigns that won numerous awards.” 

Mark Chambers MCIM, Head of Corporate Comms

at the Department of Education 

How can I help? 

Hello! I'm Hannah,  a publicity strategist who specialises in helping small - medium sized product & service based businesses step out of the shadows & into the media spotlight. Taking you from 'best kept secret' of the few to 'in demand' by the many.


Throughout my 15+ years of working in PR & marketing, I've helped dozens of businesses from all sectors raise the roof on their profile - boosting brand awareness & sales.


I get under the skin of your business. Mining stories that the press want to publish & identifying the best opportunities for your brilliant business to thrive. 


Although I'm well known as being the 'nice, smiley one', I'm incredibly results-driven & have forged relationships with 100's of journalists to deliver perfectly positioned stories & products in the media.


From newspapers, magazines, websites TV, radio, to influencer blogs & celeb social media, I can help your brand be seen & heard.

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Based in Leicestershire, serving businesses nationwide